Terms of use of Weekup.ch



Description of types of service provided

  • The website Weekup.ch is property of the Company Weekup LLC (Fribourg, Switzerland).
  • Weekup.ch is a website that provides a service of linking and consultation of information about events and locations. The website provides the technical tools the users need in order to create events, store them, have access to them and share them with other users.
  • The event needs to be linked to culture or a popular event. The Company Weekup LLC reserves the right to refuse and remove all events that do not correspond to the editorial line (cultural and event-driven) of Weekup.ch. All appeal is excluded.
  • Weekup.ch is a website whose content is created by its users. You acknowledge that the website users use the website according to their own will and motivations. They are not, in any circumstance, connected to the Weekup LLC.
  • You acknowledge that the Weekup LLC is not responsible either for the contents created by the users (events, locations, profiles, ...) or their actions.

Acceptance of general conditions of use

  • The creation of a user account on the website Weekup.ch implies that you agree to abide the general conditions of use presented.
  • You accept that the information you put on the internet (events, locations, dates, pictures, profile, ...) is visible to all users and submitted to validation.
  • The personal data on the user account is confidential and will not be forwarded to any other person other than the people working for the maintenance and the development of Weekup.ch, unless required by the prevailing law, by the responsible law enforcement authorities.
  • After the deactivation of your account, or if you delete all user content on Weekup.ch, your user account will be kept for a commercial period of time, reasonable for backup and archival purposes. The copies of shared content you had with other users could be kept even after the deletion of the content on your account.
  • In case of partial or total non-compliance with general conditions, you acknowledge that the Weekup LLC is fully entitled to take any appropriate decision as it considers necessary (data suppression, blocking, banning).

General responsibilities

  • You acknowledge that all information (name, contact details, pictures, ...) you give as you register only reflect you as to the consequences they could have on your life or on the life of other users.
  • You acknowledge of being legally the only responsible of your words and deeds on the website as well as with the events you organise and those in which you participate. You acknowledge that the Company Weekup LLC may not under any circumstances be held responsible for the words and acts of the website users. The authenticity of the information supplied by the users is not verified, thus it is important for you to be cautious regarding your participation to events. You acknowledge being vigilant and you also acknowledge that the Company Weekup LLC cannot be held accountable of what might happen during the events proposed on the website. You now renounce to prosecute it.
  • You are the only responsible of your account use and you agree to keep your password confidential. You acknowledge that fraudulent use of your account is under no circumstances responsibility of Weekup LLC.
  • You acknowledge that the Company Weekup LLC does not give any guarantee regarding the good functioning of the website (technical problems, unavailability of accommodation, response time, ...). You acknowledge that the Company Weekup LLC cannot be held responsible for any acts of piracy or blamed for any damage or loss incurred.

User accounts

  • The creation of a user account is permitted and free only to individual majors or minors with the permission of their legal representatives.
  • When creating an account, you must provide your real identity (name and surname), as well as your own valid email address.
  • You must not :
    • create an account for somebody other than yourself if you do not have the authorization of that same person.
    • use another person’s name as your username with the intent to usurp the identity of that same person.
    • use a username or a Weekup account that belongs to third parties without their proper authorization.
    • use a username that is profane, vulgar, obscene or illegal in any other way.
  • You acknowledge that only a picture displayed in an appropriate size and orientation, representing the user in a decent position is accepted on the profile.
  • You agree to use a proper language when using the tools made available by the website. Obscene, vulgar, violent and racial expressions are completely prohibited.
  • You acknowledge that your full and only responsibility is committed to the information you provide on the website.

Events organization

  • You agree to propose only events that are legal, decent, « physically real », and within the general conditions of the website. You agree that the website may delete, modify or move all event or content that may violate the general conditions or the limitations imposed by the website, or that may be contrary to the interests of Weekup LLC.
  • You commit to only publish cultural events (concerts, shows, expositions, festivals, conferences, etc.) or popular events (flea markets, fairs, second-hand trades, popular festivals, etc.).

    The following types of events are not to be published on Weekup:
    • Events of religious or politic nature
    • General assemblies
    • Workshops and trainings
    • First previews of films in cinemas
    • Lottery or card games
  • Weekup LLC cannot be held responsible of the effective holding of an event, nor can it guarantee the users participation in an event.

Information about locations, dates and times

  • The accuracy of information on locations, dates and times is not guaranteed and Weekup LLC cannot be held responsible for any errors.
  • Weekup website reserves the right, at any time, to delete or modify the information related to a published event.

Websites and third-party services

Weekup.ch can help you make links to other websites, services or web resources. The access to other websites can be done at ones own risks. These other websites are not controlled by Weekup LLC and you acknowledge that Weekup LLC is not responsible of their contents, functionalities, accuracy, legality, appropriateness, nor is it of any other aspect related to these websites or resources. The integration of these types of links does not imply any endorsement by Weekup LLC or any association to its operators. In addition, you acknowledge and agree that Weekup LLC cannot be held responsible, directly or indirectly, of any damages or losses caused by or liked to the use of such type of content.


  • You agree that all events you publish could be identically replicated (or with some variations) by Weekup.ch users.
  • Some contents may be considered as original intellectual works and thus be protected by copyright. You allow, free of charge, Weekup LLC the right to reproduce and diffuse such works could you be the author.

Image rights

  • You acknowledge be the owner and have the authorization to the pictures and videos you publish on the website. You agree, by uploading a media on the website, to be the only legally responsible person for the content of the same media.


  • By registering or using the website, personal information about the users is collected by Weekup LLC.
  • Some data is invisible to other users of the platform. Such data will not be sold. Some data, by having a public character, is available to all users. Providing information on such data is non-mandatory. By providing information on such data, the user agrees on having the data available on the website.
  • The platform may register the position of its users in order to suggest events and locations nearby. At no time is the user location available to other users.
  • According to the user preferences, notifications and/or e-mails could be sent via the website.